Write a report on the topic introduced below. Use the “Example of report format

Assignment 2
Due Friday 19 June 11:59 pm
Write a report on the topic introduced below. Use the “Example of report format.docx” template (as
on Canvas) for guidance on the report structure and what is required in each section. Also refer to
the rubric for an indication of the standards required to achieve full marks.
This report must include an appendix where you will copy all SAS code as text (not an image).
Word limit: 1,500 words in total (of the main body text only. All tables, appendices and main titles
(Report = 14 marks)
Submit your report in a Microsoft Word Document or a PDF file, to Turnitin on Canvas. Work that is
not your own will be penalised and may result in a zero mark and disciplinary action.
Ensure you check the report file has uploaded correctly and is visible in Canvas. Incorrectly
submitted assignments will not be marked.
Late submissions will incur a 10% deduction of total available marks each day, up until 5 days late
when the assignment will receive a score of zero.
If you are having difficulty with completing on time, make contact with Alice early to get help and
advice. Do not discuss any part of this assessment with anyone else.
On Canvas you will find five files, a mix of csv, txt and dat files and SAS formatted files. This
information has been modified from data sourced from www.cms.gov. The files contain payment
information from medical suppliers to physicians. See the image on the last page for guidance on the
relationship between the tables. A data dictionary has also been provided on Canvas.
Use this information complete the following Tasks using SAS coding, with the goal of exploring the
following questions.
Question: What financial benefits are being provided to physicians?
To assist you in answering this research question, you will need to complete at least the tasks listed
on the following page using SAS code:
1. Read the data into SAS using a data step or using a libref where appropriate. Ensure variables are
formatted accordingly where required.
(3 marks)
2. Produce a graph that shows the distribution of the value of general payments made, for each of
the different types of categories being drug, biological, device or other. Adjust your graph so this
shows on a log scale. Ensure the graph is clearly labelled and has an informative title.
(1 marks)
3. Using PROC SQL, determine the average value of research payments given by each
Manufacturer. Include in your report the details (name etc) for the five Manufacturers with the
highest average payment, in an output produced with SAS code. Ensure this is well presented.
(1 marks)
4. Create a new variable “Funding” to represent the type, or combination of funding received by
each physician. Produce a count of this new variable and show the percentage of the full cohort
of physicians in this data set.
(2.5 marks)
5. Use a t test to determine whether there is a difference in the average value of general payments
for “Medical Doctor” compared to “Doctor of Dentistry” ie using their primary type. Use α=0.1.
(1.5 marks)
6. Include any other relevant analysis of this data (only) to assist you to understand the payments
being made to US physicians.
(6 marks)
Data sourced from:
Note some fields have been modified for the purpose of this assignment.
Payments Companies