Timeline of My Lesbian Courtship

Timeline of My Lesbian Courtship
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It was during the 2016 December holidays in California that I met my wife Thuy who was a curious new acquaintance into my life. Thuy asked me whether I was dating someone and if not if I would be ready to date her as she was convinced that she had met a person whose personality went hand in hand with her. Though not desperate, I was somehow skeptical and had to accept her polite offer, something that happened to be the best decision ever made by me.
Then, Thuy was an operations manager working and living in Vietnam and it was during this Christmas day that I got connected to her via Facebook and within our first conversation online, I had already fallen for her. I was overwhelmed and on the New Year eve, Thuy sent me a happy New Year message and it was hard to contain the excitement I had and after that day we came to an agreement of knowing each other more.
Thereafter, we chatted daily and exchanged a lot about our lifestyles, work experiences, interests as well as education as well as also sending pictures to each other and with different time zones between Vietnam and the US, we had difficulties planning our conversations and therefore had to sacrifice our sleep so that we could talk. It was on the 10th January 2017 that we had our first video call where Thuy shared with me about the death of her pet and this was the first time we had something that emotionally connected us. This left me with the urge of meeting her and I asked her whether I could meet her.
My mom was to travel to Vietnam to visit my auntie who was nursing cancer in early February 2017and as a result of conflict of work schedule, I could not travel with mum to Vietnam to meet Thuy and therefore I had to ask Thu whether she could pick my mum and she not only picked my mum but also took great care of my auntie. On February 9th I arrived at Vietnam roughly a week after mum arrived there and Thuy together with my Dad and one of my friend welcomed me at the airport. Since Thuy had invited me to spend some time at her place, we proceeded with her as planned and when we were at her home, that when I realized that I had forgotten to pick my luggage and we had to go back to the airport with her to pick my luggage though I was almost sure that someone had already left with it. Luckily I found my luggage at the airport as the plane I arrived with was the last for the day and this made me believe that Thuy was my lucky angel for the day.
While at Thuy’s place in Saigon, I received the best care from her as she prepared my dinner, breakfast, and took me out whenever I liked. The most memorable were my first dinner at her place as she cooked me stirs fried rice noodles with meat. We also hung out with her severally and she was always with me at her work place since she had no vacation and during the weekends we were at coffee points and movie watching points.
Hanging out
I fell in love with Thuy because she was a person of my dreams as I had previously not believed that I would meet someone good enough to me but I had met one. Up to now, we are always on constant calls on Viper, Facebook as well as video calls daily. I found it not good to propose to Thuy in the US as our marriage certificate would be of the same sex and therefore I had to stay in Vietnam for three weeks then flew back to the US.
Our first breakfast was at the Starbuck Coffee which is a restaurant near her office and I ordered Ice Caramel Macchiato with an extra cream and an extra caramel for Thuy and this happened to be the first time Thuy had coffee. We took pictures at the coffee shop and then later had our lunch at Japanese BBQ in District 1 together with Thuy’s best friend in Saigon. Later Thuy went back to her office while his friend and I were left at the tea shop.
We booked a travel bus owned by the resort that took us to the Grand Ho Tram Strip Resort for the two days we were there with Thuy. We took photos together at the beach eat and enjoyed our leisure time together at the magnificent resort. However, as we were leaving the resort I forgot my Calvin Klein pants at the resort and Thuy filled the Lost Items form so that the pants would be brought back to me despite not being in town.
Since I was at my aunt’s place, we had to miss the Valentine celebrations with Thuy but I replaced the Valentine Day by another special day nicknamed ‘I love you day” that we spent the whole day texting each other and calling through mobile phones. However, I made up for the valentine day with Thuy immediately I came back from my aunt’s place where we hang out in the city with our friends and we ate dinner together at Thailand Restaurant in the downtown of the city. I also gave Thuy a handwritten card to Thuy and after she read it she felt loved and cared for by me because of my kind and charming heart.
Later, Thuy her parents and I went to the Hum Vegetarian Restaurant in the downtown city where we ate together and took several pictures together. We also met my high school friends with Thuy for dinner and went to the movies where we spent our time up to 2:00 AM. Afterwards, we took several pictures together and later I visited Thuy’s family to present to them some of the gifts I had brought for them from my aunt’s place. Thus we spent the whole weekend at the bars and restaurants and for my whole stay at Vietnam we always prepared family dinner with Thuy. During the stay at Vietnam, I surprised Thuy by walking a distance of more than 1.5 Miles to buy her flowers, hired a professional photographers to take some photos of us two at the Endee Garden at the District 7 of Saigon and on the day I was to fly back to the US that is on the 27th of February, Thuy cooked a family dinner for me.
I traveled back to the US on the 27th of February and throughout to the 4th of April when Thuy was scheduled to come to the US, we were always in touch through Facebook calls as well as Viber communication and through this, we were in the position to communicate about our daily activities. On the International Women’s Day I asked my best friend to help me buy flowers for Thuy and my mum and then I sent the flowers to Thuy at her office. Thuy on the other side also bought me some gifts that mom brought me when she returned to the US. The following day on the 9th of March Thuy saw my mum to the airport and bought her some gifts and when mum was in the US we spent most of our time updating each other on our day to day activities. Thereafter, Thuy planned to pay me a visit in the US after her company granted her a holiday for the 2015-2016 year.
It was on the 16th of April that Thuy arrived in Chicago at midnight and acquired her six months stay visa. I went to pick her up at the airport and we spent two days at a hotel in Chicago and also went out for shopping at Michigan to buy clothes for the winter as well as took a walk at the Michigan Avenue. Additionally, we also took a number of pictures before we left for Chicago. When we arrived at my house in Louisville, KY and we stayed with my family there. I introduced Thuy to my friends and family and during the Derby Occasion I made a short trip for Thuy and her mom to visit my family in Michigan for three days and two nights from the 5th to 7th of May 2017. We also visited the Belle Island Detroit Michigan for a day and we later met my mother’s friends in Michigan who we had a pagoda together.
Thuy met her high school teacher in Michigan who taught her literature and the teacher was so happy to meet Thuy after almost 20 years. We left for Michigan where Thuy and my family headed to the Marengo Cave at the weekend and we toured the whole cave under the guidance of the tour guide where we also took a number of photos. Thuy planned also to visit her family in Las Vegas to celebrate her niece’s birthday and had to stay with her family until 16th of June in Nevada.
Thereafter we planned that I was to visit Thuy’s family in Nevada and later together with Thuy’s parents visit Los Angeles from 16th to 19th of June 2017. Also, we had to visit my uncle in Los Angeles together with Thuy. Later I sent Thuy’s parents off to Los Angeles International Airport on the 19th June 2017 and later we flew back to Louisville together with Thuy in the afternoon.