The Legalization of Sports Betting

The Legalization of Sports Betting
Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act
The professional and amateur sports protection act was established back in 1992 to offer protection to the betting and gambling industry. The Act is also known as Bradley Act. The Act is all about defining the legal status of sports gambling in the United States. Bradley acts primary outlawed betting and gambling across American but excluded other states. New Jersey is one of the states where sports betting and gambling was outlawed. The states where gambling was allowed even after the Act banning it include Montana, Oregon, and Delaware, as well as some licensed sports pools in Nevada, were allowed to continue providing gambling services.
The act exempted lotteries that operated in those few states while other states were not allowed to take part in gambling or to set up new gambling places (Rose p.149). The government provided a window period for one year whereby the states which operated the licensed casino for the past ten years to pass laws which could allow betting and gambling to take place as usual. Unfortunately, the state of New Jersey did not take advantage of the window period, and it was locked out of betting just like other states which did not improve quality to operate the gambling and sports betting since they did not meet the minimum requirements. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act faced many challenges as most people were not happy with the act as it limited opportunities and all the goodies that came as a result of gambling. Gambling stakeholders did not like the ban more so in New Jersey, and that is why the focused on the legalization of sports betting and gambling in the state.
Many states including New Jersey persuaded the federal government to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act so that gambling could be back in town as many people are losing a lot of money which comes from gambling. New Jersey has been on the frontline in persuading the government to repeal the PASPA so that gambling will be legal again (Furman p.131).
Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is an issue because since it has limited other states from taking part in gambling which is known to be among the best sources of income. The number of people taking part in gambling is big as some do it for pleasure and others use it as a source of income (Kang p.19). Despite the fact that New Jersey did not take advantage of the window period it is now in the frontline to ensure that sports betting and gambling is legal again. Legalization of betting is essential to many states especially new jersey which has suffered a lot ever since the Bradley Act was implemented back in 1991.
The state makes a lot of revenue from the betting and gambling sectors. Legalization is an issue since other parties do not regard it to be essential therefore works hard to ensure that it does not succeed. The state of New Jersey has worked hard both in legal processes and legislation to ensure that the issue in question is addressed and the state has an opportunity to operate sports gambling and sports betting again. It is important to know that gambling is a livelihood of many people either directly or indirectly.
Issues about the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act include discrimination being noted in other states. Only four states were allowed, and that is the reason why other states like New Jersey never accepted the ban and did all they could to ensure that the ban is lifted and other states have a right to operate casinos and other sports betting clubs. The other issue is that the prohibition is not legal since it exceeds the Congress authority which brings about the constitutional crisis. The Congress had no legitimacy in banning other nations from taking part in sports betting and gambling (Murch p145). That is the reason why the New Jersey officials want the ban to be lifted since it is illegal and brings about discrimination in the states. The other issue is that the united states congress does not allow the congress to regulate commercial interest of a given state in such manner thus it was considered to be void and paved the way for conflicts and distributes among the states. The constitution needs to be followed strictly and without do so will mean that the country is not headed in the right direction legally.
Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was criticized by many legal experts saying that it was not working up to its expectations and thus it does not serve the interest of the nation but for the few individuals. It is not practical that only four states meet the gambling standards. New Jersey decided to take the war to court trying to get justice by convincing the courts that they need to lift the ban and bring about equality among the states by striking down the prohibition against sports betting and gambling as it was the right thing to do in providing justice.
Why gambling in sports should be legalized? That is the question most people are asking more so New Jersey residents that most people that do illegal and legal gambling in sports ask each other every day. The debate starts with money, and if all the money created in the underground gambling business could be taxed for the government to get money. Then people might even say that it is in each person’s right to decide whether they should leave their wealth to luck. Other question arises for people to debate on the subject; should we prohibit lotteries and fantasy leagues? They are also based on success.
The biggest problem with gambling in sports is the chance that games will be fixed, it happened in the past, and it is happening now days all over the world. Without a doubt, there is a lot of controversy regarding the issue. Gambling could be controlled, and it could be turned into profit if done right (Pavalko p.11).
The benefits of having sports gambling in the United States are much stronger than the disadvantages. Take for example the amount of money that could be made out of sports gambling, yes it involves risk, but with higher risk, there come enormous profits. Illegal gambling in the United States makes around 400 Billion Dollars that could be taxed if the betting would be legal.
Times have changed, and Bradley Act should no longer be in play. As noted as by Bill Granger gambling “is the moral equivalent of drinking during prohibition….” But is it, and what happened to prohibition after some years? The morality of gaming shouldn’t be in question; it is a violation of human rights and to the constitution of The United States. A man should be free to do with his own money what he sees fit, even if it is gambling or sports betting although betting is addicting. Big leagues in the United States are against sports gambling because of the fear of fixed games, but if it would be done correctly, there shouldn’t be fear for this. What makes states like Nevada or Oregon more fit to be able to hold legal gambling in their territory. The only difference between them and the rest of the country is their history, which involved gambling between 1976 and 1990. Nevada alone makes 1.3 billion dollars in taxed money out of gaming, imagine the amount of money that would be able to arise from legal gambling all over the United States.
The national sports leagues think that gambling “damages their integrity” but what integrity are we talking about in a business where so many deals are done under the table. It is hypocritical of them to think that just because people don’t see the illegal money they own then the legal money that is “immoral” shouldn’t exist.
It is true that gambling money could be used to fix games like it done in Greece or Asia, but what makes the United States a power is the ability to control and Generate businesses. This business that is already running underground could be taken to the light where there would be proper control, and the money could be used differently.
We also forget some people that are pro-gambling, people that Like to bet and would be able to do so legally now. Sports’ gambling in the United States is not pure luck, on paper, there is a 50-50 chance of each team winning, but to Place a proper bet there is analysis to be made. This study requires skill; it is not solely based on luck.
Sports gambling should be legalized, the amount of profit that could be made is Incredible, and this benefit could be used to better the sport and better the gambling. The control of betting would be changed to institutions then these institutions would hold more money and incentive to win and would increase the general quality of the sport.
The federal government opposed the legalization of sports gambling as it taught it is not the right thing to do, and the Congress went ahead to ban other states from taking part in the gambling. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act were formed specifically to ensure that no gambling is taking place across America apart from the four states which have been indicated above. The Congress opposed the legalization as it defended its opinion in court saying that it is the right thing to do by outlawing gambling in America to avoid a lot of complications which are thought to come as a result of gambling.
New Jersey and other states wanted the legalization since it is known to be a breakthrough as far as the financial position is concerned. Gambling is said to have more advantages than disadvantages, and that is why other states need the ban to be lifted as sooner enough. Gambling will bring about financial benefits to the state as it generates revenue, unlike any other source. Therefore, legalization means a lot to the state of New Jersey as it will help it generate money in any easy way over a short period. The state also wants so that it can bring about justice to all nations in the America. It is never fair for the Congress to permit only four nations to carry out the gambling while limiting others. Such act did not sit well with other states, and that is why they wanted to bring justice and avoid discrimination which has been in place for a long time as the Congress was not willing to lift the ban. The states wanted the ban lifted since it was illegal and unconstitutional as it was meant to limit other states while giving other an advantage economically which is unfair and unacceptable. The Congress does not have the legal power to ban other states from taking part in gambling as they have no such power according to the constitution. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act did not give solid reasons why they do not want to lift the ban. The congress was after oppressing particular states, and that contributed to the legal fight that the state of New Jersey decides to dive in and get justice for all other states which were under a ban
Legalization of sports betting and gambling could bring about positive outcomes to the state of New Jersey more so in Atlantic City. It will be a source of revenue which will help the local government to take charge of its financial position. The state previously before the ban was doing well and due to the ban a lot has changed thus lifting the ban will be of benefit to the state. Many casinos create vast opportunities to the local communities in Atlantic City. The casinos bring about employment as youths get hired to work at the club. The state will also have a 24 hours’ economy as they operate more during the night and this also encourages the motels to be more functional as they will receive a large number of visitors. Despite the fact that gambling will be of benefit to the city of Atlantic City it also has negative impacts like school dropouts who tend to concentrate on gambling and never attend school. Gambling is addictive as there are cases where one cannot do without gambling.
The locals are likely to be addicted to gambling which is not a good thing the gambling problem lead to financial crisis among citizens. The crime rate is also expected to go high since people will be robbing people money to go and gamble. Gambling addicts can do anything to ensure that they get money for gambling even if it means stealing locals. Prostitution is also expected to double as casinos attract all kinds of people including prostitutes. Therefore, the state of New Jersey will benefit from the lifting, and it will also experience adverse effects as well. The daily fantasy sports industry will play a significant role in lifting the ban by supporting the states which are fighting for the ban to be lifted as they will also benefit in one way or the other. Therefore, it will help in bringing equality to all states in America.
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