Technological Effects on Today’s Generation

Technological Effects on Today’s Generation
Over the recent years, technology has become a dominant part of the teenagers and young adults’ world. The obsession with social media has come to its peak in the last ten years with those people that always use their mobile phones daily arguing that this way of mobile phone and social media addiction is just how things need to be and therefore should let them be so (Film, P42). On the other hand, those against technology are worried about these phones taking up the world and end up ruining the lives of many people. To answer the question whether technology can be used and people coexist well with each other, it is realized that technology can be used for good but can end up jeopardizing the privacy of users and thus cause many social and financial problems to the society (Minke and Gernot, P60).
Over the past years, the world has become utterly obsessed with posting everything they do on social media platforms with the young generation posting even their locations. This is evidenced on Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications where teenagers update with their positions whenever they arrive at their usual places and thus updating their friends on their location, and this ends up raising the question of privacy (Turnock and Julie, P78). This lack of privacy has left me many members of the society concerned of the future of this generation.
It is good to note that technology has not only jeopardized the security and privacy of the generational users but has also affected how people communicate with each other. This is because most teens are always glued to their mobile phones retweeting and messaging one another instead of talking to each other as well as the use of FaceTime instead of going out with others. Also, most people today text others to get a quick response instead of calling to hear what the other person has to say on the other side something that has caused a block on the way we communicate with others (Weiss, Robert and Jennifer P34). Therefore, this has led to the loss of actual communication as well as real conversations in our society.
Also, technology has resulted in some health problems to the young generation. These problems include poor eyesight as a result of extreme exposure to light and also back pains due to strain in the process of using computers (Proceedings of National Conference on Health, Environmental Effects, and Control Technology of Energy Use, February 9-11, 1976, Washington, D.c P15. These are issues that were common with the elderly in the years before these technological advancements. Also, it has been proven that as a result of using laptops on laps while surfing, men are experiencing low sperm count something that may affect the coming generations. Also, cancers have come as a result of radiation from mobile phones something that will adversely change the lives of people using the new technology.
Despite technology being in the position to be used in many ways, the adverse effects outweigh the good ones. This is a result of the increased number of people that are dying daily as a result of distracted driving, financial problems as a result of the large amount of money that is being spent on technology instead of other issues in the society as well as online bullying we are headed to a future that is complicated (Film, P42). This is because, with our eyes glued to mobile phones, tablets and computers and our ears on earphones, most teens miss the outside world. These complications can only be avoided if the society embraces moving out, having real conversations instead of chatting and reading books. Thus it is the high time that the young generation stops overloading itself with information and starts being part of the real world around them. This is because most people end up getting so much information throughout the day and end up losing their common sense and therefore the need for the generation to use technology better to live a better life that is free of health problems arising from technology and other financial problems.

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