Rhetorical Analysis Final Feminist Frontier

Rhetorical Analysis

Final Feminist Frontier
The work of woman is not done: cleaning is the responsibility which has been left to women. Most of the American women believe that the cleaning work is specifically assigned to them. Jessica Grose published in 2013 in the New Republic, placing the argument that cleaning has been left to women in the society. Although men have been known to cook and take care of the children, they are unable to handle cleaning chores at home. Grose came up with evidence a statistical support to gather information to support her work. Citing credible facts and other sources have been referenced in the work. Her aim to appeal to the emotions of the reader lowers her credibility and hence her argument.
The information which is required for the author is her intention to research on the topic of cleaning. The problem statement is worth understanding since we see men in cleaning activities as opposed to the argument placed by Grose. Furthermore, there is need to investigate what necessitated her to consider this social factor. There are religions which acknowledge the role of women in the society and believe that both husband and the woman should help each other. Understanding the financial position of the woman is worth understanding as well. In some cases, you find that the well up women and those in political positions feel superior and might delegate those chores to men. The audience to be reached is mostly the students to understand their roles as they mature. The study will be of great help since it will clear complicated issues regarding the roles of women in the society.
The major problems which would be experienced in the analysis are the lack of current paper to support or refute the findings by the author. This would be the major setback since it is fair enough to have a healthy analysis. Assessing all the available information is necessary to access the data.