Crime level in the community


Regarding the rise in crime level in the community, a lot has been done to curb such behaviors in that the most affected people are the youths and the pull factors being unemployment. COPS has been in the lead to come up with ways to understand criminal acts in the society and coming up with possible solutions to reduce the crime rate (Larry, 2003). This paper delves into the efforts made by COPS to curb crimes and their success, the nature of open-air drug market and the involvement of COPS in it and finally the COPS approaches to school violence and cyber bullying.
COPPS efforts in Suppressing Gangs
One of the efforts made by COPPS is involving the community in security matters. Before the introduction of Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving Strategy, the police only relied on their sources of information concerning a crime. Such sources were not reliable due to the absence of officers at the time the crime happened, that led to lack of substantial evidence to put up a case and hence criminals easily got away with crimes like homicide. COPPS realized that loophole and embraced the community to act as their eyes and ears.
Secondly, COPPS have come up with a strategy for eradicating community blight in many states. Property owners and shopkeepers have been urged to maintain their premises and housings in good and hygienic conditions. That has made COPPS to go an extra mile in involving the City’s Code Enforcement Officers if some individuals do not comply with anti-blight regulations (Larry, 2003). Such efforts by COPPS have proved success as many young people are involved in projects like “N.E.A.T(Neighborhood Enhancement Action Teams)” that involve people in counseling sessions, community work like cleaning and garbage collection all in order to beautify the city.
Open-Air Drug Market Operations and COPPS’ Involvement
Open-air drug markets operate in well established areas and in specific times so that buyers and sellers can easily locate each other. A variety of drugs ranging from heroin, cocaine and crack are availed in the market places. The major threat posed by such markets is their proximity to the general public. People using such hard drugs may become violent and threaten the lives of other people around them (Laurie, 2007). COPPS has come up with new laws in conjunction with the local government to ensure that such drugs are eradicated from the local market and those caught are arrested while the addicted ones are taken to rehabilitations for specialized care.
COPPS Approaches to School Violence and Cyber Bullying
School bullying has been on the rise especially in higher institutions. COPPS has taken an initiative of training specialized officers that can deal with student related problems called “school resource officers” (SRO). SINCE SROs are continually in schools they can monitor students’ relationships and their tutors too. In that way students interact well with students and thus they can approach them without fear in case of a crisis. COPPS has also been involved in cyber bullying through the introduction of bully apps and cyber detectives in that they can follow bully cases and come up with a reliable investigation.

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