BISY2002 Information Systems Networking Essentials Tutorial

BISY2002 Information Systems Networking Essentials
Tutorial 4
Total Marks = 15
Submission guidelines:
• Deadline for submission on Moodle is by 5pm Friday 12th June 2020.
• You must submit a word document that provides answers to the questions given below. Your
answers must be concise and brief.
• You can use online material present on the Internet in relevant research articles/books,
however, you have to cite them in proper APA format.
• Remember not to copy/paste anything directly from above mentioned resources, you should
provide answer to the questions in your own words.
• Avoid any sort of plagiarism (Do not copy anything from your class fellows). Your similarity
index should not be more than 20%.
• This tutorial carries 7.5% weightage.
• This tutorial has three questions.
• All questions do not carry equal marks.
Question 1: Adam, sitting in his small home office in Sydney, Australia, wants to access the
Facebook’s Web Server residing in United States of America (USA). Suppose that there are 20
internetworking devices between Adam and the Facebook Web Server. Answer the following
questions considering the above scenario. (8 marks)
a) Which application layer protocol will be used to find the IP address of the Facebook’s Web
Server? Which destination port number will be used for this query?
(1+ 1 = 2 marks)
b) Which application layer protocol will be used to get the content of the Facebook’s Web
Server on Adam’s browser assuming secured communication between Adam and the
server? Also write the destination port number used for this query. (1 + 1 = 2 marks)
c) Which transport layer protocol will be used in this case? Explain your answer (2 marks)
d) If Time To Live (TTL) value is 15 in the IP header initiated by the Adam’s machine, what
will happen in this case? What will the internetworking device do in this case? (2 marks)
BISY2002 Information Systems Networking Essentials
Question 2: What is the difference between User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Lightweight User
Datagram Protocol (UDP-lite)? Briefly explain the need of UDP-lite protocol. (3 marks)
Question 3: What is IP fragmentation? Why is it needed? Write the names of header fields used to
find whether an IP packet is fragmented or not. (1 +2 +1 = 4 marks)